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Prof. Khaja Jalaluddin Biyabani

Date of Birth: 11-06-1956 ~~~ Departure: 29-11-2003
Married: Rafat Durdana (d/o Janab Mohammed Moinuddin & Mohtarma Razia Sultana)



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Living Stories Kindle Edition
by Khaja Jalaluddin (Author), Taqi Ali Mirza (Foreword)

Translations of the works of Sufi Saint:

A Word of Appreciation for the above work:

We have unedited English versions of most of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Sahib's Urdu works thanks to the dedication of Professor Khwaja Jalaluddin, who left this world sooner than expected in 2001, may Allah keep him with the awliya he loved. Two or three of these have been published, but Jalal Sahib wanted them re-edited and the whole set published, as well as his stories republished, in the West. May Alah help us to get this done. This is the biography of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Sahib which was appended to his work, "The Garden of The Saints," which is a biography of the awliya of his Naqshbandi silsila. The translation was done in 1994 in Libya by Khaja Jalaluddin and his wife, Allah reward them, and give her and their children all they could ask for in this life and the next.
Source: M.A. Ghani PA, Feb. 2006

Source of his inspiration, includes:

    The Philosophy of Allama Sir Muhammad Iqbal

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Sung by:- Siza Roy & Chorus of School Children.
Music Director:- Jagjit Singh.
Lyrics:- Allama Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal. (b. 09th Nov 1877 - d. 21st April 1938)
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April 20, 2006